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About Oakton Virginia Real Estate

Oakton is one of the larger "small towns" in Virginia, with approximately residents and a few distinct neighborhoods. One of the primary characteristics of the population is the type of employment most people are engaged in. According to United States Census Bureau data more than 95 percent of the people in Oakton have "white collar" jobs. This is a community of self-employed professionals, high-end sales people and managers.

The technology, business and financial fields are three key employment sectors for Oakton residents. But those who live outside of Oakton or visit might be surprised to find the art and graphic design industries are also well represented. Families are well represented in this urban setting. Most of the professionals and managers commute to work in other locations within the Washington D.C. metropolitan area. Proximity to the nation's capital stimulates growth in Oakton, as is the case with many other area communities.

Oakton, VA Demographics, Vital Statistics & Real Estate

Median household income for Oakton is a healthy $107,537, which compares favorably with the $120,804 of Fairfax County and with the $60,000 average throughout the United States. The population is 52 percent White, 23 percent Asian, 12 percent Latino and 6 percent African American. Median age for Oakton is 37, slightly older than the United States average. Families make up 69 percent of the population.

Median home value in Oakton is $649,000, which is a considerable decline from $740,000 in 2006. But this is still significantly higher than many other area communities. About 73 percent of the adult residents in Oakton have a four-year college degree or advanced degree. The national average is about 15 percent. The town is ethnically diverse, with Chinese and Spanish spoken in addition to English.

Living, Education in Oakton, VA

This community offers a great golf challenge at Oak Marr Golf Complex, along with the attraction of historic buildings along Hunter Mill Road (the main north/south road serving Fairfax County Courthouse. Visitors and residents also enjoy Waples Mill, a classic grist mill and saw mill site.

Children of Oakton residents attend one of a number of excellent schools, including Oakton High School, Flint Hill School, Dominion Christian School, Montessori School of Oakton and Kinder Care Learning Center. This community of about 34,000 is a Designated Place in the U.S. Census Bureau records that is served by Interstate 66 and Virginia Route 123. Oakton covers approximately 10 square miles of land, according to the records of the U.S. Census Bureau.

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